Ooh I have a new blog

…Now what should I do with it?

So I have finally elected to join that great crowd of people who think that everyone else has nothing better to do than keep up with them. To gaze upon the perfection of their daily lives. Why?

Because I can, essentially. Well, to see if I can. I’m sure I used to be able to cobble a sentence together at one time. I’ve been a bit bored lately so it’s time to try something new. New to me that is, as you can see originality can be a struggle sometimes.

I intend this to be a blog of, well, anything I feel like at the time. I expect it to be full of things that irritate me – lots of those, because I’m an irascible git who irritates easily. There will probably be quite a lot that bores everyone else – reflections of those daily life problems that we all share. And there may be the odd flippancy in there too, but probably not too many of those. My skill at wit and repartee is limited so I won’t force you to smile politely too much. Snigger at my attempts maybe.

If you dare.

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